Madison Avenue

Laser Scanning & Documentation of Existing Plant Conditions, Value Engineering, Modeling of Proposed Mechanical Systems for Fabrication, Feasibility Analysis, Generation of Bill of Materials BOM Reporting
56,000 Square Feet

Trane Corporation

Validation of Existing Conditions, Utilization of Existing Equipment Pads & Piping, Value Engineering, Materials Reporting, Feasibility Analysis

Madison Avenue Thermal Ice Storage Plant

     Elite CAD Designs was contracted by Trane Corporation to model the existing mechanical room layout and piping systems and to model the new proposed Thermal Ice Storage Plant in place of the outdated chillers. 

    In addition to modelling, Elite CAD Designs produced highly detailed shop drawings for construction, developed detailed bill of materials reports for project cost estimations, created pipe spool drawings for off-site fabrication, created tank layout drawings, and assisted in the selection of M&L Mechanical Services and their highly skilled Local 638 Steam Fitter labor force. Elite CAD Designs used several technologies and techniques to complete the project on time and under budget.

     Elite CAD Designs Accounted for Reality & Advance the Schedule Elite CAD Designs visited the worksite and documented the existing conditions with a structured light sensor array camera system that produced a 3D virtual walkthrough tour of the existing conditions. Elite also deployed a point cloud laser scanner system that created a precision accurate measurement of the entire mechanical room and all of its contents.

   This data set once transited to AutoCAD and Revit made validation of the existing background drawings during the preconstruction/design-engineering phase possible and was also used to produce an as-built of the existing systems accurate to real life that could be used for engineering and coordination of the proposed ice storage plant.

     This process was necessary, it is well known that historic mechanical systems construction documents do not accurately reflect the systems that are in place nor do they embody completely all of the changes made throughout the many years of operation. This process of precision measurement and documentation eliminated unforeseen changes, surprise schedule creep and increased cost.

     The entire construction cycle was shortened and unforeseen construction costs were avoided by using Elites’ accurate digital measurement data set before construction work proceeded. Fully coordinated construction drawings translate into immediate and maximized productivity across all sub-contractors.  The earlier design and engineering account for reality the more greatly risk is reduced.

Elite CAD Designs Advanced Modeling,

Drafting & Coordination

By advancing drafting and coordination time to the beginning of the project schedule, before the sub-contractors are hired, granted Trane complete control of the design, engineering and coordination process and they ultimately controlled the outcome of the project. Early production of highly detailed coordinated construction drawings and bill of materials reporting makes real Cost Benefit Analysis and Decision Making possible and not an automatic additional cost.

     Completing a fully coordinated construction drawing BID set before the trades were hired shortened this construction schedule. On larger projects, contractors include mobilization time then drafting begins and subsequently coordination begins. Elite’s production of a coordinated construction drawing set let the sub-contractors go right to work.

Return on Investment (ROI) 
Identified Space Shortage: Short 300+ sq/ft:

     When the Elite team aligned the composite point cloud to the existing background drawings in AutoCAD MEP Fabrication, it was immediately discovered that the backgrounds provided did not accurately represent the existing conditions. The Elite Team observed and verified that the provided backgrounds were more than 300’ feet larger than the actual existing conditions which meant 300’ less space to fit all of the proposed mechanical equipment in an already congested mechanical space. It was apparent that the intended number of ice tanks and equipment were not going to fit per the design.
     This circumstance threatened the proposed capacity, financial viability, and schedule of the envisioned systems and had an immediate impact on the design and layout of the system.
     The result of having early awareness of the severe space limitations meant that Elite was able to explore every opportunity to re-arrange or reconfigure piping, pumps, chemical treatment equipment and tank placement to make all fit in the lesser space available while maintaining clearances and performance and also minimize the impact on the existing systems to remain.


Equipment Pads: Saved $100,000 Before Construction Started

     This Thermal Storage Ice Plants’ intended location was in an extremely congested now smaller than previously believed mechanical room. Engineering included the removal of some outdated existing equipment housekeeping pads to make way for ice tanks, pumps and chillers. Elite was able to reconfigure and value engineer the layout of the proposed pumps, chemical treatment skids and tank placement making it possible to reuse and expand existing equipment pads. Over $100,000 in cost savings were realized by identifying that the existing housekeeping pads could be reused and altered instead of having to be demolished and reconfigured in different positions.

Feasibility Analysis: Identified Costly Unforeseen Conflicts

     Elite CAD Designs laser scans the proposed equipment rigging paths for every project. Often this data set is never utilized, however the extra time and effort payed off at ll Madison. Elite used this information to discover, measure and communicate visually that the equipment was not going to make it into the mechanical room without significant demolition to portions of the existing buildings back of house areas.

     Elite produced accurate equipment models to test fit their movement through the available rigging paths. The team was able to identify exactly where each piece of unique equipment would not fit measurably in 3D. Feasibility Analysis of the intended logistics plan prior to construction start revealed costly unforeseen conflicts that could have dramatically delayed the entire project.

Advanced Bill of Materials Reporting

    Elite’s standard modelling process is fabrication quality. By modelling with a high level of precision, Elite was able to produce reports on the total quantity of pipe and fittings, the total amount of field and shop welds, the total estimated installation hours, etc... Since Elite was able to coordination and model exactly how the plant was to be built, Trane knew the material and equipment costs ahead of construction. This allowed them to negotiate the project on a finer level of detail, putting more financial control into their hands.


     Elite Cad Designs uses precision measurement, documentation and building information modeling (BIM) to eliminate unforeseen changes, conflicts, surprise schedule creep and reduce construction costs. The Elite process mitigated project risk, by completing a fully coordinated construction drawing BID set before sub-contractors are hired shortens the construction schedule. The earlier design and engineering account for reality the more greatly risk is reduced.