Data Center Emergency Communications and Infrastructure Backup Chiller Plant & Emergency Power Generation

SABEY Data Centers Emergency Communications and Infrastructure backup Chiller Plant & Emergency Power Generation for NYPD, NYFD & NYEMS.MEP 3D

MEP 3D Modeling, Drafting & Coordination for Fabrication of Mechanical Piping.

120,000 Square Feet 
Labor Saving of $1,641,600,
Expedited Construction Schedule

Scope of Work

      Elite CAD Designs was chosen by a mechanical piping contractor to model, coordinate and produce mechanical shop drawings for a two floor emergency communications and Infrastructure backup chiller plant and emergency power generation plant that would serve NY Police Department, NY Fire Department and NY Emergency Management Services at 375 Pear Street a Sabey Data Center property.



Elite CAD Designs was able to reduce the overall project cost before construction began, reducing the mechanical contractors field welding labor cost by more than $1,641,600 alone. ECD made it possible to perform and complete more than 1200 pipe welds, (28,800 inches of welding) in the fabrication shop instead of in the field.

Reduced Welding Time was only one component of the overall savings on this mechanical piping project. Pre-fabrication delivered greater benefit in the form of accelerating this construction schedule. Just in time delivery of pipe sections to the worksite reduced on-site materials handling costs and reduced theft of materials. Simplified installation saves time and shortened this construction schedule.


   Elite CAD Designs uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) & Virtual Designs & Construction (VDC) technologies to alleviate unforeseen changes, conflicts, surprise schedule creep and hidden construction costs. Elite CAD Designs process mitigates project risk, shortened this construction schedule and reduced the project cost.



  • Average pipe diameter: 24”

  • On-Site Labor Cost Per Inch of Weld:  $75 
    Fabrication Shop Labor Cost Per Inch of Weld: $18

  • 1200 Welds x 24 Inches = 28,800 inches of required welding.

28,800 inches of welding x $75 per inch =  $2,160,000 Field Labor Welding Cost

28,800 inches of welding x $18 per inch =     $518,400 Field Labor Welding Cost

                                        Labor Savings: $1,641,600