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Electrical Systems Modeling 

We produce 3D models, detail, fabrication drawings and as-built drawings of electrical systems for approvals, engineering, coordination, and pre-fabrication. All modeling, detailing, fabrication drawings or as-builts are produced and coordinated by our expert team, from start to finish in the United States.

  • Complete Project Review includes Contract Drawings, Submittals and Schedules.

  • Review of the Overall Build Strategy and Schedule.

  • Prepare and submit shop drawings for Engineer Approval.

  • Shop Drawings are completed in 3D and integrated into the Coordination Model for collision reporting.

  • All Light Fixtures, Conduit, Panels, Low Voltage Devices,etc.. are Modeled, Detailed and Coordinated in 3D for Engineer Approval.

  • Equipment and Pad Layout are Modeled, Detailed and Coordinated in 3D for Engineer Approval.

  • All components contained in the Electrical Systems and Low Voltage Systems are coordinated in 3D to be collision free in the Model.

  • All one-line diagrams and any other system diagram are Modeled, Detailed and Coordinated in 3D for Engineer Approval.

  • Conduit Riser elevations and sections are generated and submitted for Engineer Approval.

  • All services and Access areas for equipment are detailed on drawings.

  • Electrical Closets, Switchgear Rooms, MDF and IDF Rooms are Modeled, Detailed and Coordinated in 3D.

  • All conduits are Coordinated with all other Trades.