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Fabrication & Assembly Viewer

Elite Cad Designs works to eliminate costly field mistakes, conceptual interpretation error and installation inaccuracy.  We place QR codes on drawing details and shop drawings that are linked to a web-based of the 3D model. 

On site, any field installer with a smart phone can simply scan the QR code on our drawing and immediately review a 3D model of the fabrication or an assembly. 

Upon scanning the user will be linked to a full screen 3D model viewer. Here the user can pan, orbit, and zoom in or out to get a better understanding of what they’re looking at on the shop or construction drawing.

Sample QR code

  • Benefits of Fabrication & Assembly 3D View

    • Reduce Interpretation Errors

    • Reduce Construction Errors

    • Reduce Fabrication Errors

    • No need to download a QR scanning App when using an IPhone

    • Quick and Easy 3D View

How it Works

Procedure Video

QR code is scanned using the camera App, which then takes the user directly to corresponding 3D model.

Assembly View


Model is viewed on mobile phone, eliminating potential confusion caused by lack of detail on shop drawings.