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J.T. Magen & Company Inc.

Minimize Risk, Expedite Construction Process, Coordination of All Trades

Scope of Work

    Elite was responsible for production of an accurate Existing Conditions 3D BIM Model for use in the construction and trade coordination processes. Elites’ scope of work included point cloud laser scanning of the existing conditions, which was over one million square feet, production of an existing conditions Revit model, and production of an architectural design intent Revit model derived from the architecture and engineering 2D plans for the entire tower.

Reality VS Proposed

     Elite CAD began by laser scanning each floor of the existing building. The point cloud data was then registered and composited within the same coordinate system. This composite point cloud data was used to produce an accurate existing conditions Architectural and Structural Revit model level of detail (LOD 350) of each floor.  The Architecture and the Engineering team each developed their designs over different sets of backgrounds that did not match one another. Additionally, neither set of backgrounds accurately reflected the existing conditions. Elite CAD Designs took the 2D Architectural plans and 2D Engineering plans and converted them into a cohesive 3D Revit model (LOD 350) for the purpose of comparison.

     Elite CAD Designs produced two separate models, one that reflected the architectural and structural design intent and one that accurately reflected the existing conditions of the entire building. With the two models, J.T. Magen & Company was able to rapidly clash, compare and adapt the design and engineering intent to the existing  conditions. It was found that the column grid in the design did not match real-life conditions and the differences varied from floor to floor. The ability to compare the architectural and structural design intent to reality made it possible to head off potential construction conflicts, saving time and money.

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