Park Avenue Renovation

Existing Condition Laser Scanning, Documentation, Revit Modeling & Slab Flatness Diagram
40,000 Square Feet

Boston Properties

Accurate Background Drawings & Models,
Expedited Engineering & Construction Schedule

3D Virtual Walkthrough Tour

Scope of Work

     Elites’ scope of work included point cloud laser scanning generation of a 3D Revit model and subsequent 2D AutoCAD drawings that represented the existing architectural, structural and mechanical systems that remained in the space after demolition had been completed.  Elite CAD Designs ultimately produced a complete set of 2D AutoCAD drawings that included an accurate floor plan, reflected ceiling plans, elevation drawings, section drawings and a colorized floor flatness diagram. 

     The explore-able walkthroughs run from any smartphone, tablet or pc; our modelers can navigate through the space as if they were actually on site.  The walkthrough accelerates our entire process helping us to turn out a better product in less time.

Point Cloud Laser Scan

Customer & Team Interface

     We provide our customers with the richest data set and deliverables in the shortest amount of time possible. We are able to hand off a 3D virtual explore-able walkthrough tour of the worksite within 24 hours of our visit. The explore-able walkthroughs save time and money.

     The ability to walk a space and have many remote project stakeholders experience the same immersive 3D virtual tour heightens the level of communication and understanding between remote teams. Not only can you share an explore-able walkthrough with anyone but you can share direct links to specific locations within the site, so that the walkthrough opens up on a predetermined location. This is an invaluable tool for project management, calling out punch-list items and communicating RFI’s.

Revit Model Derived from Point Cloud Laser Scan

  Return on Investment (ROI): Reduced Risk

     Elite CAD Designs uses technology to work smarter, communicate concisely and complete work on time and under budget. On this project we were able to turn over a complete set of 2D drawings, a 3D model, a 3D virtual tour, a point cloud laser scan and a slab flatness and levelness diagram within 72 hours of having visited the worksite. The return on investment for our clients can be measured, more work completed in less time, effective communication and precision measurement means better engineering and no costly construction conflicts with the existing conditions.

Slab Flatness Topographic Diagram

2D Plans Exported from Revit Model

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