Power Generation Plant

Mechanical Systems Modeling & Coordination
for Pre-Fabrication
60,000 Square Feet

GDO Contracting
75% field welding labor savings
Point Cloud Scan VS New Mechanical Systems

  Elite CAD Designs was contracted by GDO Contracting to model, detail and coordinate fabrication and installation of the 140 West Street mechanical systems. GDO Contracting is one of New York City’s premier providers of commercial mechanical construction services. Verizon’s former downtown headquarters is being converted into luxury condominiums and commercial space with 40,000 square-feet dedicated to retail.

     Elites’ scope of work included generation of 3D models for the separation of mechanical systems that serve the residential and the commercial areas. Elite CAD Designs created detailed 3D models, 2D Details, Plans and Spool Drawings for Fabrication for the addition of a new power generation plant, removal of the existing emergency generators and separation of the mechanical steam system.

      Elite leveraged their unique process of 3D modeling, thoughtful production strategy, point cloud laser scanning and logistics planning to fit new systems into an already congested mechanical area. Modeling for constructability and pre-fabrication allowed for seamless installation of mechanical systems and accounted for a more than 75% field welding labor savings.

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