Virtual Design & Construction


Elite CAD Designs is the industry leader in 3D Modeling, Coordinating, Detailing and Laser Scanning for Residential, Commercial and Industrial MEP systems. We draw mission-critical mechanical systems for constructability, taking into account maintenance requirements and system performance. We draw, model, and coordinate in high detail for prefabrication as standard practice. All of our work is delivered by our expert team, comprised of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing specialists.

Owners and developers
Owners & Developers

Our goal is to help maximize return on investment, reduce costs and save time. The accurate coordinated construction drawings that we produce, drawn for constructability accelerate the construction schedule resulting in earlier beneficial use. We lower the risk of costly surprises or delays, by furnishing coordinated constructible drawings and complete materials reporting to your contractors for bid you buy greater value and avoid unforeseen costs.

Architects and engineers
Architects & Engineers

Beginning a project with inaccurate or limited documentation of existing conditions leads to lost design time, design and construction problems, rework, and delays. We provide detailed architectural or structural existing conditions drawings, models, virtual tours, or point cloud laser scanning measurement data. Informed by construction experience and systems knowledge, our drawings can advance your design schedule and reduce your risk of implementing design over inaccurate historic backgrounds.


Inaccurate design-engineering impacts the constructability and schedule of a project. This ultimately jeopardizes your profit margin. We can provide you with turnkey drafting, modeling, coordination and existing conditions measurement capability. Informed by construction experience and systems knowledge, our drawings can advance your installation schedule, reduce labor time and ultimately increase your profitability on any project.