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MEP Constructability Specialists - What We Do:

EliteCAD Designs primes and reinvents mission-critical mechanical systems for constructability, taking maintenance requirements and system performance into account. We Draw, Model, and Coordinate in High Detail for prefabrication as standard practice.

Our team of highly adept, seasoned designers have worked in the trades with hands-on installations of the very systems we create, a unique advantage in complete comprehension of the impact of the decisions we make & the outcomes we strive to reach.


  • Reduce your building cost per square foot

  • Reduce/eliminate stakeholder risk

  • Prevent surprise cost overruns

  • Eliminate delays & save time

  • Expedite project delivery

  • Accelerate the construction schedule

  • Achieve early beneficial use of the space

The Benefits of Hiring a Constructability Specialist


We create conditions that will save you potentially millions of dollars in labor (work hours & personnel), materials, utility resources, tools and equipment.



Reduce Stakeholder Risk: We reduce the risk of surprise cost overruns & delays, ensuring a seamless & timely delivery.


We expedite your project delivery, saving you thousands of hours, months, or even years, accelerating your construction schedule.

Who We Work With

Project owners, architects, engineers, owners/developers, subcontractors, representatives, and construction managers in commercial, residential and government sectors. We also provide Reality Capture Virtual Walkthroughs for commercial & residential Real Estate companies & agencies.

When is the Right Time to Call Us?

We refer to ourselves as "Constructability Heroes" since we are called to save the day by accelerating a coordination process that is falling behind. Whether it's stepping in to assume the lead of drafting, modeling, and coordination for one or more of the trades, or spearheading the entire project, we are flexible and able to help your coordination process get back on track.  We can get involved at any point in the pre-construction and construction phases to help your project pick up speed and reduce cost.


However, the ideal moment to call us is upon inception of the project as a Constructability Consultants to work in close coordination with the architect and engineering team to build, coordinate and finalize the complete BID set of construction documents ahead of any attempt to buy the Trades.

For renovations of a newly constructed building, we laser scan provide thorough documentation of the existing conditions while simultaneously 3D modeling proposed systems in high detail. Our next step is to bring together the data from the field and the proposed model to account for reality/real-world conditions. Once this step is complete, we extract, annotate, and produce all of the necessary shop drawings and fabrication drawings. Finally, we empower our MEP modeling and Coordination activity with a wide array of Reality Capture Technologies.

Still want to know more? Check out our FAQ

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