Who do we work with?

With a full spectrum of residential, governmental and commercial industries served, we have the resources and expertise to support any AEC organization or troubled project on short notice. We assist, accelerate or enhance the capabilities of any organization or modeling & coordination team.

• MEPF Contractors.

• Specialty Contractors

• Construction Managers

• General Contractors

• Architects

• Engineers

• Owner/Developers

• Owners Representatives

Which project types do we have expertise & experience in undertaking?

• New Construction & Renovation Projects
• Commercial & Multi-Unit Residential High-Rise
• Healthcare
• Mission Critical
• Industrial
• Processing
• Educational
• Food and Beverage
• Pharmaceutical
• Oil Gas & Chemical Processing
• Military / Government

Our Constructability Culture

Constructability works best when it is an accepted part of the way an organization operates.

As Constructability Specialists, the concept has become ingrained within our company as a culture & default method of operation. Each and every member of our team has fully embraced and mastered all the proper constructability standards which will ensure your project will be carried out with the utmost care.

How do we help project owners?

• We help you reduce the cost per square foot to build.
• We can help deliver Early Beneficial Use.
• We are on your side! With no financial hooks into your project, we work exclusively as a sole team with no vested interest in increasing the cost or dragging out the duration of the construction phase.
• We compress MEP systems coordination time by simultaneously modeling and coordinating in unison as one team.
• We capture the value of prefab labor savings for your project.
• We perform penalty-free "Cost-Benefit Analysis" and make "Value Engineering" easy.
• We help you circumvent re-work & delay.

How can assigning a BIM requirement to Installation Contractors hurt your project?

• By assigning responsibility for constructability design and coordination meeting participation to the installation contractors, it grants these entities the license to increase the duration and cost of the project to their benefit. • Contractors who DO NOT possess a strong BIM/VDC capability habitually hire inexperienced, freelance or offshore 3D modelers to satisfy the BIM requirement. This strategy slows progress of coordination delaying the job, costing more money. • Contractors who DO possess a strong BIM/VDC capability can work the coordination process to increase the value of their job.
• Assigning responsibility for constructability design to the installation contractors does shift liability; however, the coordination process allows them to do what's easiest for their team at the expense of making other trades work more complicated, time consuming and costly. • When coordination is slowed down enough often a CM will try to add an additional coordination team or meeting each week to try and get some momentum, forcing progress or abandon the process completely placing the coordination entirely in the hands of the installers. • Whether the process is slowed because of inexperienced modelers or savvy contractors, adding an additional coordination team or doubling up on meetings can mean a change order for all of the contractors in the mix. The progress of the coordination cycle was slowed enough for the CM to authorize additional manpower or time to coordinate…. More Time More Money

How do we expertly Manage Coordination?

• We can structure and run an entire Coordination process driving progress when modeling and coordination is assigned to the MEP contractors & sub-contractors. • We posess the necessary MEP systems knowledge, installation, modeling and coordination experience that allows us to drive productivity from installation contractors.

Do we produce Materials Reports?

• We furnish Bill of Materials reports and Shop Drawings for each trade.
• We have expertise in identifying and assessing the true cost of materials when interviewing bidders, which is a clear advantage for Construction Management or Ownership, Pre-Bid Constructability Modeling & Coordination.

When is Pre-Fabrication Possible?

• Prefabrication is possible for every project. • Pre-Bid Constructability Modeling & Coordination makes it possible to know where Prefabrication can be implemented, the cost advantage and predict labor time savings.
• When Modeling, Coordination and Shop Drawings are completed before contractor award widespread prefabrication is possible and the associated labor time savings can be captured.

What is the value of issuing a fully coordinated BIM/VDC model and shop drawings as the construction drawing bid set?

• This strategy makes Prefabrication possible.
• Knowing the true cost of materials when you interview bidders is a clear advantage for Construction Management or Ownership, Pre-Bid Constructability Modeling & Coordination makes that possible.
• When Modeling, Coordination, and Shop Drawings are completed before contractor award, contractors can begin construction work immediately upon winning the project.
• When Modeling, Coordination, and Shop Drawings are completed before contractor award, Construction Management can hire multiple duplicate contractors to accelerate construction and achieve early beneficial use.
• The risk of awarding the entire contract to a single contractor is mitigated by dividing the work across multiple similar subcontractors.

Do we provide Shop Drawings?

Yes we can produce all necessary shop and fabrication detail drawings.

What about Insurance?

We are a reliable, fully insured service provider.

Can we produce Digital Twin Operations Models?

• We create Digital Twin Operations Models Reducing the Cost to Commission and Operate any Facility.
• We are experienced in repurposing 3D Building Information Models for use as Operations Tools and Commissioning Materials.

What about OSHA Certification?

  • Elite CAD Designs employees are OSHA Certified.
  • OSHA 40

Do we provide Point Cloud Laser Scanning Services?

Yes we provide laser scanning & registration services and can supplement any organizations Existing Conditions Reality Capture & 3D Modeling capabilities.

Do we provide Scan to BIM services?

Yes we provide Scan to BIM services.
We provide laser scanning, registration and existing conditions 3D modeling services.

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